Susan B Anthony's Impact On Society

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Next is Frederick Douglass. Douglass was born into slavery in the early 1800s, only two years before Susan B. Anthony. After escaping slavery in Maryland, he took a brave step in publicly speaking to people about the abolition of slavery, women’s rights, and equality. It was risky, as he could be caught and forced back into slavery. He continued to speak though, and eventually became the Massachusetts and New York abolition leader. He went on to later be the first African-American man to ever vote, and lived a miraculously long time without ever being forced back to slavery. Douglass also became the first African-American to ever be nominated for vice president. One last thing that astounds me about this man is that he supported the women’s rights campaign, and women’s suffrage rights, even though he himself was a man. …show more content…

Anthony has more greatly impacted our nation with her works than Frederick Douglass. Susan created so many organizations, movements, and speeches to help so many areas that needed reforming. She took action in order to help the nation, such as being involved in abolition and women’s rights, and made risky moves in order to reform these things. Although Douglass was impactful as well, I feel that he did not make as many actions towards helping as Anthony did. He gave great speeches, and motivated many people to become involved, but so did Susan, as well as taking a lot of action

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