Symbolism In Forrest Gump

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Title: Forrest Gump Author: Director-Robert Zemeckis Screenplay-Eric Roth Text Type: film Forrest Gump is a dark comedy about a slow witted man and his life. The adventures he goes on and the things he learns on these adventures. The movie starts with him sitting at a bus stop where he then begins to tell a stranger about his life, how he meets his friend jenny, how he went to college for football, he went to war in Vietnam and was awarded a medal, he went into the prawn fishing business, he became a lawn mower, how he ran for three years straight, and how he became a father and was on his way to meet his son. This movie teaches us about destiny and whether or not it was planned for us or if we are just floating around, I think that Forrest is a good symbolism for this and we see it in all his adventures, another thig this movie teaches us is the importance of friendship, what it can teach us and what we can take out of these important relationships. This movie talks a lot about destiny and if everything that has happened, happened for a reason. An interesting quote was “I don 't know if we each have a destiny, or if we 're all just floatin ' around accidental-like on a breeze. But I, I think maybe it 's both.” – Forrest Gump. A lot of interesting events happen in forests life that make you wonder was this destiny or something such as floating around and being in the right/wrong place at the right time. At the start of the movie we see a feather floating around in the

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