Symbolism In Grey's Anatomy

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23. It’s Never Just Heart Disease… And Rarely Just Illness
In Grey’s Anatomy, Denny Duquette Jr. is a middle-aged man who abandoned his family and friends in preparation of for his death. His ailment? Heart disease. Denny finds himself at Seattle Grace Hospital where he meets one of the doctors, Isobel Stevens, and falls in love with her. After many failing treatments, Denny eventually gets a heart transplant and proposes to Isobel, but he dies that same night. Even Denny’s new heart could not support his love and he died leaving Isobel similarly to the way he abandoned his family.
The symbolism in The Scarlet Letter does not stop with Roger’s deformity. The victim of Roger’s revenge, Arthur Dimmesdale, is afflicted with heart pain and undergoes …show more content…

Esther feels that she must enjoy her time in New York, stay a virgin, and marry Buddy. All of these ideas are what women were supposed to do in the 1960’s; however, not everyone can follow these ideals. In fact, Esther breaks almost all of them: she dislikes her New York trip, has a one-night stand, and breaks up with Buddy. Girls today have to understand how different Esther’s challenges are from theirs, yet The Bell Jar remains a classic novel due to the relatability of Esther’s challenges with mental illness and youthful …show more content…

I believe that the glasses represent Violet’s grief over her sister. Violet clearly has yet to get over her sister’s death because she still is not writing--a passion she and her sister shared--and still will not go in cars. Over the course of the book, Finch helps Violet get over her sister and the reader sees Violet get in a car again (even drive), start a new blog without her sister, and take off her sister’s

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