Symbolism In Shirley Jackson's 'The Lottery'

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“The Lottery” by Shirley Jackson was published on June 26, 1948. Some of her other works include “The Haunting of Hill House”, “Hangsaman”, And “The Sundial”. Jackson is known for many things but mostly for her Horror/Mystery stories as they are known to captivate the reader. Shirley Jackson is a very prolific author because she to brings a unique form of writing to her readers. This is seen through her many novels and short stories as the reader is greeted with something new in each one. “The Lottery” is no exception to this as it entails all of Jacksons best attributes. “The Lottery” depicts that all that glitters is not gold and tradition can be detrimental. The lottery begins on a summer day with all the villagers gathering in the town…show more content…
“The lottery opens on a clear, sunny summer morning at the end of June” (Bloom). Pg 1. Jackson uses this weather to symbolize peace and serenity in the village. Jackson wants to trick the reader into believing the lottery is something good that is to be looked forward to where as it is the complete opposite. Another way Jackson uses symbolism to deceive the reader is here “Mr. Summers was very good at all this; in his white shirt and blue jeans.” (Jackson). Pg 1. Jackson uses clothing as a symbol, the color white symbolizes purity and peace but this is also a way Jackson tricks the reader. As he is the most powerful man in the village he is unaffected by the lottery. He wears the white shirt and blue jeans not because he is a calm, peaceful, and pure man but because it is used to display his immunity from the cruel tradition that he coordinates every year. Mr. Summers and his wife run the lottery every year but are never made to pick out of the box because of their status in the community. This is a very important addition to the…show more content…
This element is used to give the reader an idea of where the events of the story are taking place. “Before 10 am on June 27, the three hundred inhabitants of a small village in New England start gathering at town square.” (Dubois). Pg 2. This is a perfect quote to describe where the story is taking place and what is precedes the events of the lottery. As seen all the inhabitants of the village gather in town square to participate in this taboo ritual known as the lottery. The people of the village are bound to this event by tradition as it takes place every year. It seen as is something that must be done, and Jackson saves the importance of the setting for the end of the story. The setting is also Emphasized by Jackson in the story. “The people began to gather in the square. Between the post office and the bank” (Jackson). Pg 1. Once again the setting of the event is used to build suspense in the reader for what is about to take place. Jackson wants the reader to know how important the event is in the community by making it into a grand gathering of sorts. The revelation for what is actually about to happen is saved till the end of the story to surprise the
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