Social Issues In The Movie Up

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UP is a unique movie about a man named Carl and his adventures through life. Pixar released UP into theaters on May 29, 2009. Pete Docter, Bob Peterson, Jonas Rivera created an animated movie to display a wide variety of social issues and symbols. Carl, Russell, Kevin, and Dug face a wide variety of adventures in the jungle of Paradise Falls. (Rivera, Docter, & Peterson, 2009). Up starts during the childhood of Carl Fredrickson who is quiet, but filled with an ambition for adventure. His role model is the famous explorer Charles Mantz, and he wants to grow up to be like him. Carl meets Ellie, a girl filled with just as much adventure, but is much more talkative. Carl and Ellie soon become best friends and eventually develop into a romance. They always keep their dreams of exploration and the will to go to Paradise Falls. As they grow up, their dreams become a reality. They acquire their dream home and soon want kids. There is a complication and the dream …show more content…

Carl was left alone in his home when Ellie died. He only wanted to have tranquility in his home. In the mail, Carl received a letter for a retirement village because old people apparently cannot take care of themselves. A big time CEO needed Carl’s house in order to build his new building. The construction workers did not care how they got the house and did not treat the house with respect. This was displayed when the workers nearly destroyed Carl’s mailbox with a truck. Carl acted to defend his home and wacked a worker with his cane. No one cared about why Carl had to do this, and they thought he was a crazy old man. Even as a first time offender, the court demanded Carl to go to a retirement village (Rivera, Docter, & Peterson, 2009). In today’s society, older generations are treated fairly differently in cultures around the world. America is seeing to many people sent to retirement homes without a second opinion (Lin, 2010, para.

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