Synopsis Of The Matrix By Lana Wachowski

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Synopsis of “The Matrix” The Matrix film by Wachowski Andy and Lana Wachowski (1999), with the protagonist Keanu Reeves who played the role of Neo and Laurence Fishburne, who played the role of Morpheus. Was base in computer program technology, could use beyond the minds and can be suggested by a mind too. To compare and contrast The Matrix with the readings from Plato and Descartes. What are some similarities and differences? It reveals how Neo was chosen because he could see beyond his mental abilities, which probably the rest of the people are not capable of because they were the basis of the world outside of themselves. Morpheus explained to Neo that it is another world that humans ignore since they are afraid to confront him with something that does not seem real even though deep inside they know that it is not true. As a today, technology has the advanced base in the…show more content…
This implies that the human mind can create different scenarios, such as Neo, that allow your mind to develop many different abilities that you were not aware of being able to do in reality. The theory of Descartes has many similarities as the brain of the human being developed over the centuries. “Their brains are all connected (via cables) to a powerful computer on which a programmed simulation of the world is running, and they are all unconsciously living out virtual lives as individual players in this computer simulation.” (Wachowski, 1999). Therefore, the human being could discern thoughts through reason, so he can distinguish between reality and physical senses even if he works together. As these philosophers discover brain abilities and how they perceive the senses, thoughts, and can create their own world without hurting others. As long as you can control your feelings against reality in this
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