Emma And Clueless Comparison Essay

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Emma, written by Jane Austen, ignites many ideas for the movie Clueless, directed by Amy Hecklering. These two classics show many similarities and differences. Many characters from the book Emma, resemble characters from the movie, almost “as if” the movie was loosely based on the novel. Although differences include time eras and clothing styles, many similarities exist including: both main characters living with their dads because of the loss of their mothers, their great wealth, and the dominant roles they play in their communities. Although, there may be similarities between the movie and novel, there are also some differences that occur. The main difference amidst the two is the large contrast in time periods. Emma is set in the …show more content…

Their wealth within the novel and movie play very massive roles. If Emma and Cher were not wealthy they wouldn't find themselves apart of the rich, upscale societies that are in England and California. Both of the woman abuse there fathers wealth and become spoiled, self involved girls, where Emma “thinks a little too well of herself.” (5) They get exactly what they want, when they want it. Emma and Cher both find themselves playing the role as matchmaker with there groups of friends. Many people thought “she,” meaning Emma, “would form her opinions and her manners." (23) The girls think that their friends should be with the men they find suitable, even thought they're not the ones in the relationship. Since they are known to getting what they …show more content…

It was more difficult to find differences between the two than similarities. There are so many characters that resemble each other, with personality alone, that anyone could tell the movie was “like totally” based on the novel. They show so much comparability that has been changed the slightest, to bring the novel back into a 20th century classic that everyone loves. Some distinct contrasts include the time eras, clothing styles, and age difference. While many more similarities exist including: the main characters losing their mothers, their outrageous wealth, and the dominant roles played within their communities and

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