Synopsis Of The Things They Carried By Tim O Brien

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Hunter Berman Ms.Silver AP English P-4 6/7/2018 The things They Carried Historical Report The Things They Carried is a novel written by Tim O'Brien about U.S. soldiers stationed in Vietnam and their personal stories of what they literally and emotionally carry. He focus on what the soldiers have on their person and how each of those items have an effect on them for reason specific to them. Jimmy Cross, who is the Lieutenant of the Alpha Company carries is reminders of his crush Martha, who is a girl he met in college in New Jersey. After long marches he will usually take out letters and other things he has from her and remember their first and only date they had which was going to the movies, this is a prime example of things the soldiers carry that have significant meaning to them. This is just a quick synopsis of the book and just one key character that is …show more content…

The U.S. public actually supported this idea at the time when it was first announced, they wanted to see communist power gone as much a the government. On December 1, 1969 the government held the first draft lottery since 1941, where men aged 19-26 (born 1944-1950) were called based on their birthday. During the course of the war there were plenty of people who did not support the war and did not want to be a part of it , more than 120,000 men were thought to have dodged the draft. Of those, about 30,000 went to Canada or other countries to avoid military service. Canada did not consider draft evasion a crime and welcomed the deserters into the country. One of the main characters Tim O'Brien who is based off the Author but is stated that he is still a fictional character tries to flee to Canada but backed out at the last

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