Systematic Theology Methodology

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This essay seeks to expose combined ideas and understanding of a theological outlook. It is knowledgeable for the reader that the topic being dealt with here is in the context of Practical Theology. Systematic Theology methodology will be unpacked as well as the use of the process of Practical Theology. Since the beginning of this module, several terms and definitions were added to students range of knowledge during the first three weeks. This assessment will be keeping our attention on the practicality of theology on the field of - sports ministry in churches and their outcomes. This paper will be engaged with arguments and counter-arguments, analyzing, criticizing the current situation. What is the reason, what should be taking
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The article focuses on selected churches in Pretoria, South Africa. The article conducted a research (analysis) on the background of the issue, asserting the reasons why churches in the 19th century, differently from the beginning 20th century, had a fervent influence on the sports and the use of these as a tool for the Kingdom. Also studying why South African churches have been mostly disengaged from sports ministry since the early 20th century. Taking into account the (action) that caused a change in the current scenario. One specific database report will support those information showing the “second analysis” of this research guiding the next…show more content…
Sports is virtuous tool that opens the opportunity for empowerment that other sectors in the church cannot provide. Sports ministry supports the church with opportunities for evangelism and fulfilling the Great Commission. It also helps in breaking cross-cultual barriers, thus extending the influence of sports in people’s life. Not only bearing in mind competitive athletes or people related to sports professionally. But, taking into account all kinds of groups, and all kinds of people, from the ones that practice sports as a escape from drugs to the others that use their bodies to worship God. As Eric Liddell (Wilson, 1996:32), who was a top sprinter before the 2nd World War said, “God made me fast. When I run, I feel His pleasure on me. It is my best way to worship God and demonstrate my devotion to

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