Tales Of Two Sons Quest Narrative Essay

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Tales of Two Sons: A Quest Narrative Thomas Foster, a contemporary Professor of English, proposes that student will best understand literature if they view all of it as quest narrative. According to this strategy, the quest, or journey, has five consistent element: a quester, a place for the quester go, a clearly stated reason why he or she needs to go there, challenges that arise and must be overcome on the ques, and, at the end of the quest, knowledge about him or herself that is learned overcoming the various challenges during the journey. The reason for the quest then becomes the gaining of self-knowledge that is so important to personal growth. The video game “ Tales of Two Sons” begins with a little boy named Naiee mourning for his drowned mom, whom he had been unable to save. Then his older brother, Naia, calls Naiee to assist him carry their desperately sick father to the village’s doctor. He tells them the only feasible way to save their father is to find water from The Tree of Life. The …show more content…

But the real reason to go is so the little brother can learn bravery and independence. However, on the surface, the destination is the Tree of life, but in hindsight, the protagonist is just attempting to find a way to a real “ home” in the story. The “ home” being what they ultimately wanted and find, the peace, the lost family, bravery and support of each other, as well as the understanding and acceptance of tragedy in life. Now, the place that the two brothers belong is actually home instead of the Tree of Life. Therefore, the journey to the Tree of Life is a stepping stone to self-knowledge and an acceptance of the realities of life. All of the elements of a quest narrative are present in this story. Even as a video game, it certainly fits the definition as outlined by Thomas

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