Taliban's Courage By Tzemach Lemmon: An Analysis

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Taliban Gives Women Courage Once the Taliban took over, women were hopeless, or that is what people thought. The Dressmaker of Khair Khana written by Tzemach Lemmon shows that these young girls and wise women knew that it was time for them to take over their own rights. Women were inspired by Kamila, a young and independent girl who lived in Afghanistan. They took after her with many efforts and creative ideas for everyone to use. After many obstacles, women started to figure out their own strengths which guided them to freedom and success. The effects of Taliban rule against women in Afghanistan brought about confidence in women. These women knew that it was time to take over their rights that the Taliban had abused. “This is a golden chance …show more content…

“In addition, there were women who came by to pick up thread and fabric for dresses they would sell in their own homes and bring back a few days later” (Tzemach Lemmon 129). Kamila had taught them her skills so that they would at least learn something without going to school. The women looked up to her for guidance and support, which she gave generously. Her family greatly approved of this and helped out to teach women how to sew with confidence. Women later on started to figure out their own strengths that helped guide them in life. “Money is power for women” (Tzemach Lemmon 225). Some strengths included a talent like sewing beautiful dresses. Other strengths included courage and the ability to stand up for one another, friends and family. These strengths helped gain money for young and old women. This money gave these women’s families medicine, food, clothing, and many more necessities. Towards the end, women were very courageous and received their freedom of their rights. They accomplished many things after the Taliban had left, including college, jobs, and taking care of their families. The women took over their rights with the help of Kamila and one another. Kamila helped women take chances with strong efforts. Women figured out their strengths, so that now they are more positive and

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