Literary Devices In Edward Bloor's Tangerine

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Imagine living in a town that experiences horrific, ongoing natural disasters all the time. This issue is a perennial time loop that the citizens of Tangerine County along with Paul Fisher the protagonist in the novel, Tangerine written by Edward Bloor experiences constantly. Paul Fisher’s life is being uncontrollable risked everytime he goes to the unorganized Windsor Middle School. He doesn 't know when lightning will strike or when the ground will fall right out from under him. He has to be circumspect of the natural incidents around him and his evil brother Erik with his “Erik Fisher Football Dream” disease. Edward Bloor’s use of literary devices in the novel, Tangerine gives humongous description to Paul’s surroundings in Tangerine County. The metaphors and similes provides details that help create a mental image in your head as well as additional sensory details on what is happening in the novel. Additional figurative language might also give one clues that will help determine what might happen in the future otherwise known as foreshadowing. For example, …show more content…

The brown water that had puddled up all over the field began to move. It began to run towards the back portables, like someone had pulled the plug out of a giant bathtub” (Bloor 80). The passage is relevant because the author is comparing the disastrous sound of the occuring sinkhole to noises that one hears in everyday life, such as a water from the bathtub going down the shower drain. The authors use of literary devices give readers the ability to learn, comprehend, and relate the events and characters in the novel to real life situations and

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