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Recently I read the book, Tangerine. The story is about a boy named Paul Fisher and his family moving to Tangerine, Florida. The theme is even though it appears perfect on the outside, the inside is grotesque. In this passage, there are many ugly things that happen to Paul and his family.Beguile occurrences take place in the form of a muck fire, sinkhole, and thievery.
New residents of the Tangerine subdivision, Lake Windsor Downs, were not told about the hundreds of miles of lignite in the field just outside their homes. There was a pond that supposedly had koi living in it. There were trees and plants near the subdivision. The area was beautiful and was peaceful until there was smoke - filled air. They figured it was just another subdivision. Paul stepped outside the morning after a lightning storm to grey-tinted air and the smell of an ashtray. After Paul notified his mother about what was going on, she was …show more content…

Erik Fisher and Arthur Bauer were the ones who abducted the items from all the townspeople in Lake Windsor Downs. The townspeople thought that Erik Fisher and Arthur Bauer were stupendous kids who were focused on scholarships, but actually they had a humongous, dark secret. Meanwhile, Paul’s mother was in the storage unit when she discovered a gym bag that didn’t belong to her. She took the gym bag with her and when she opened it up, the stolen items were just sitting there, waiting to be recognized. She couldn’t believe what she had found.
There are satisfying reasons to believe in my theory and they are the muck fire, sinkhole, and Erik and Arthur. These are all examples from the book. Therefore, in the book, Tangerine, the theme is even though it looks perfect on the outside, the inside is ugly. Now my theory proves that people could be elegant and pleasant on the outside, but malicious and ugly on the inside. Now I know Tangerine’s ugly

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