Analytical Essay: The Treasures Of Lemon Brown

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What did Lemon Brown love most? Lemon Brown loved his family and his treasure most. It’s hard to explain the value he had for these treasures. They are personal and only he can appreciate the meaning of them. In the passage “Treasures of Lemon Brown”, it explains that Greg was first angry with his father for not letting him play basketball, but in the end he will appreciate it. Greg met someone named Lemon Brown, and Lemon Brown adored his treasure’s. Later on in the story, it introduces the thugs, these thugs were horrible people. All Greg wanted to do was play basketball and not worry about school. His father disagreed with his wishes. Greg’s father wanted him to stay in school and get good grades. Greg was furious with the decision his …show more content…

They were there to steal Lemon Brown’s treasure but luckily they failed this attempt. When the thugs first arrived, Lemon Brown took Greg upstairs. As they were up there, the thugs came inside and yelled for Lemon Brown. He stayed quiet but he knew they would eventually find him. As the thugs approached the stairs, Lemon Brown showed himself at the top of the stairs and Greg made a distraction by howling. The thugs looked over to find where the howling was coming from and Lemon Brown lunged himself at them, causing himself to roll down the stairs. The thugs went outside of the house and after awhile they left. After seeing how much Lemon Brown adored his treasures, Greg realized that his dad caring so much for him meant everything. Greg now appreciates the lectures about decisions he was trying to make. Greg’s treasure was his relationship with his father all because of Lemon Brown’s story. In conclusion, Lemon Brown’s treasure is very personal and important to him. He would do absolutely anything to keep it safe and away from danger. It’s so important to him because his son carried it everywhere with him and when he passed away, it was with him. I think that Lemon Brown plans to die with the harmonica and paper clippings just like his son did. Also, i think that Greg will listen to his father more and on page 101 it states that, “Greg thought of the lecture he knew his father would give him, and

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