Tea Cake And Nunkie Character Analysis

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Janie’s jealousy takes over as she discovers Tea Cake has been “rolling around” in the fields with a girl named Nunkie. Nunkie is a fast one, however, so Janie could not chase after her nor hurt her physically. A little seed of jealousy has been planted into Janie as she overreacts to this incident, and tries to beat Tea Cake for what he has done. Tea Cake claims it was all an accident and that he was fighting for his work tickets, but little does Janie know that this incident was not an accident and would be ongoing and affect her marriage drastically. In the early stages of this relationship between Tea Cake and Nunkie, Janie has no idea and continues on with her marriage happier than ever. She thinks that she has made the right decision to marry Tea Cake and is content with her life the way it is. Tea Cake and Nunkie resume their ongoing interactions in the fields during work, and continue to grow a relationship. Fortunately for Nunkie, Janie does not ever catch them “rolling around” again because after the first incident, Tea Cake …show more content…

He finally builds up the courage to admit the news to Janie, hoping her reaction would lead to a separation, because after all Tea Cake wanted a child. One gloomy afternoon whilst Janie was preparing dinner, Tea Cake breaks the news to her and reveals that he has been sneaking around with Nunkie ever since the first incident. Janie feels outraged and as a result tosses the pot of stew she has been brewing directly at Tea Cake, burning and soaking threw his clothes. Janie becomes mad at herself for not interrogating the situation when it first happened, and feels as if this is all her fault. She forgives Tea Cake just like any other time he has done her wrong, for instance when he stole her $200. This was not the reaction that Tea Cake wanted, therefore the next morning he packed up his things and fled the town with Nunkie and his new

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