Technology In Fahrenheit 451 By Ray Bradbury

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When a writer writes a book, he must decide on a theme. Ray Bradbury, in Fahrenheit 451, writes about a world that uses technology all the time. This essay is about Ray Bradbury explores the theme of technology by showing its effects on the individual, the family, and the society. One way have technology affects the society as a whole. This book explores the negative effect on the people in Fahrenheit. They don’t communicate anymore because of the technology. It changed that people rather stay in the house watching Tv or on the devices instead of going outside, technology changed the way they view the world.’’Montag reached inside the parlor wall and pulled the main switch,’’ The three women turned slowly and looked with unconcealed …show more content…

The technology changed they way they think in everyday live. The second way technology changed the families in Fahrenheit 451.
Another way Ray Bradbury explores the effects that the families don’t show any type of feelings. It affects it by not caring about the people feelings because it is a discration by the technology. The families in the book was all about technology they never payed attention to each other because they were watching TV or doing something else. How’re your children Mrs Phelps?’’ he asked ‘’You know I haven’t any no one in his right mind, the good lord knows, would have children!’’ said Mrs Phelps.
It connects by they not caring about having children, they have no feelings towards having feelings for kids. They chose not to have kids cause they love them or want kids, they do it because they think that’s what they suppose to do. The third way technology has effected the society by people not caring about each other feelings, they don’t want to communicate they rather be in the house watch TV. Another way Ray Bradbury explores the theme of technology is by showing that they all caught up in this world that don’t make sense. The whole society is all confused by the

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