Technology In Fahrenheit 451 By Ray Bradbury

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Have you ever questioned how much technology can affect you? Technology can affect many factors of your daily life because, when people tend to use technology it’s like they’re trapped in their world and distracted from life. Throughout the book, Bradbury shows how technology impacts the characters in his dystopian novel. Mildred, who is Montag’s wife, uses technology so much it has changed her mindset completely. She thinks her actual family is the people that show up when she watches TV, “Will you turn the parlour off? he asked. “That’s my family.”(Bradbury 37) while disregarding her real family which is Montag. This shows how technology has replaced humans in the dystopian world. Everyone is so locked into technology that no one cares to think outside the box. People in the book see how everyone else is trapped in technology making them think it’s not a big deal since it’s normal now. Montag suffers alone through a war, “The bombers crossed the sky and crossed the sky over the house, gasping, murmuring, whistling like an …show more content…

Technology played and still plays a huge role in our daily lives. Even more than before the virus took place. In the time of quarantine throughout the pandemic technology was used for almost everything. Going from, work online, online school, communication, and many other components. Whenever people would be stressed or bored they would immediately jump onto the internet to distract themselves. Many people would be depressed due to the amount of time spent on social media and having their whole mindset revolve around technology. It’s like you’re trapped in an illusion disregarding everything around you. Seashells are like headphones that Mildred loves using every night “There was a tiny dance of melody in the air, her Seashell was tamped in her ear again...listening to far people in far places.”(Bradbury 31) Mildred is addicted to her Seashell; she won’t go a single day without

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