Technology In The Movie Wall-E

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Our society has become so independent upon technology, many people could more than likely not function without it. In such a technology friendly time of life, it is not a surprise that few things can actually be done any longer without some form of technology. It is very rare to see someone without some form of technology with them at all times. From the use of mobile phones, to tablets and laptops, we have technology it our fingertips. Technology is are main form of getting all of our news and information. With the internet, many things have almost become obsolete. It is very uncommon to see one with a paper copy of a newspaper in their hands anymore, and why would they, when it’s easier to just look it up quickly on a device with internet…show more content…
Almost everything we do now is halfway done for us. Technology takes the need to have common sense and throws it away. People are so involved in technology now that they are unaware of what is actually happening around them. Technology may be important and to a certain degree absolutely necessary; however, in the movie Wall-E it is present that becoming too involved in technology will end up ruining our lives and everything around us. It is apparent that technology has many positive roles in daily lives, but looking deep into technology, the consequences of it can be quite alarming…show more content…
It is obvious that it has been carelessly disregarded and considered to be nothing but a floating sphere. It focuses on the he piles f trash that have accumulated over the past seven hundred years, comparing the piles to some of the largest buildings on earth; skyscrapers. Because Earth has become so heavily trashed, it is unfit for humans to live on. “Buy n Large” the powerhouse company in this movie, sponsors a five year get away from Earth cruise, making the impending doom seem less obvious. The people are taken up into space on a giant ship known as the “Axiom” where they live their lives completely immersed in technology. While up in space, the clean-up and restoration of Earth to its former glory is put into the “hands” of robots, one specifically, “Wall-E.” These robots are in charge of putting all the trash into smashed up squares and stacking them higher than sky

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