Technology In The Pedestrian, By Ray Bradbury

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Technology is at the center of all of Ray Bradbury's stories. He shows the good, the bad, and the ugly. Bradbury's main goal is to show what will happen if technology continues to advance at the rapid speeds it is going at. In the four Bradbury stories; "The Pedestrian", "There Will Come Soft Rains", "A Sound of Thunder", and "The Veldt", they all have one main topic, and that is technology. As Bradbury once said, "I don't try to describe the future. I try to prevent it.", displaying the dangers of technology throughout his writing. This is his way of warning us so we can prevent the future. One action Bradbury is trying to accomplish with his writing is to sending out a warning, not to let technology to take over our world. If we let it, technology would rule our world. It would take over every aspect of our life and we would become lazy as well as incompetent. As demonstrated in The Pedestrian, everyone was inside, watching TV. When Leonard Mead was walking, it was like walking through a graveyard. So dark, so quiet. "And on his way he would see the cottages and homes with their dark windows, and it was not unlike walking through a graveyard where only the faintest glimmers or firefly light appeared in flickers behind the windows." This is presenting …show more content…

But, without nature and technology, we cannot live and survive. Technology and nature can go on without us. Not only can it, it will. An example of this is in There Will Come Soft Rains. After the family dies from an assumed nuclear explosion, the house goes on, running in perfect order "Until this day, how well the house had kept its peace. How carefully it had inquired, "Who goes there? What's the password?" and, getting no answer from lonely foxes and whining cats, it had shut up its windows and drawn shades in an old maidenly preoccupation with self-protection which bordered on a mechanical paranoia." (Bradbury

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