Teen Suicide Research Paper

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Depression can lead to loss and a never spoken goodbye. Post concussion syndrome can lead to depression and suicidal thoughts/actions. Antidepressants don’t always help with depression and can actually result in suicidal thoughts and behaviors. Bullying can also increase the risk of depression. The main cause of teen suicides is depression. PCS, post concussion syndrome, can lead to depression/ suicidal thoughts. For example, Gale cengage learning said, on Overview- Teen Suicide, “one teen soccer player, who was returning to the sport after suffering a concussion, said that she felt so terrible at one point that she even thought about suicide”. PCS can also alter the ability for someone to function at a high level for the rest of their life. And it is the state of mental confusion and anxiety that can lead to severe depression, which can result in suicide. Antidepressants do not always help with depression, and can even sometimes cause suicidal thoughts. Greenhaven press shows this by saying, in the article Monitored Antidepressant Use can Help Prevent Teen Suicide, “No completed suicides occurred among nearly 2200 children treated with SSRI medications, but 74% had…show more content…
Bullying increases suicidal behavior by increasing depression levels. For example, Tyler, a junior high school student, could no longer take the pain he was receiving at school making him feel depressed and out of place. On October 17, 2009 Tyler hung himself in his room late after his family went to bed. Greenhaven press explained, in an article called Bullying Increases the Risk of Suicide, “One out of every three students between twelve and eighteen years of age claim to have been bullied. And in several cases, teens reportedly committed suicide to escape the intense and unrelenting bullying they endured, giving rise to the term "bullycide."”. This number is way higher than what is exceptional, and explains why the number of suicides are so
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