Telegram In The Cold War

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The first sourced used is a Times-Warner documentary about the cold war, which was produced by Ted Turner in 1998. This video series was in collaboration with BBC. The whole series was broken into 24 45 minute video clips. Each clip highlights on a specific aspect from the cold war, ours focusing on The Marshall Plan, Berlin, and Reds. Each document features witness from these events, as well as people who have studied these events. George Kennan created a long telegram that he sent off to the State Department in 1946. The telegram, later called “Kennan Telegram”, gave his thoughts on what should be done about the war, causing controversy in the United States. This telegram caused for Kennan to become the USSR ambassador …show more content…

The communist party start to spread quickly because of people believing this is the only way to change the world for the good. To try and escape the financial difficulties and the lack of food supply in their countries the people pulled from capitalism and pushed to communism. Truman said “The free peoples of the world look to us for support in maintaining their freedoms. If we falter in our leadership, we may endanger the peace of the world - and we shall surely endanger the welfare of this nation.” (VIDEO #1 and Truman Doctrine) When Truman says this while introducing The Truman Doctrine, these words show just how serious this matter is. The United States and the Soviet Union are both being looked at as possible world powers, so what the United States does will reflect on their type of leadership and the capitalist form of government. The Truman Doctrine was made with hopes to stop the spread of Communism by the Soviet Union. In Truman's Doctrine he points out the large differences in the two types of …show more content…

He also makes connections with the freedom that Americans have and for the most part love about their country. He then shows the ugly side, the side that the Communist would force onto Greece and Turkey. The Marshall Plan was offered to all of Europe, even the Soviet Union. However the Soviet Union did would not receive all of the aid offered to the other countries, because of their leader Stalin. Stalin saw what the Truman Doctrine could cause and how it could affect communism. Vladimir Yerofeyev a Soviet Foreign Ministry quoted Stalin saying “They just want to tear the people's democracy from our sphere of influence, to win them over to infrutart them, to pull them away from the Soviet Union” This led him to send threats to other countries with hopes they would not agree with the Marshall Plan, and allow him to try and gain control over the other

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