Cold War Dbq Essay

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The United States has established itself as a superior nation that is concerned with struggling minorities subjected to oppressive and tyrannical forms of government often associated with the death of individuality. Throughout the twentieth century, widespread fears of communism contributed to a prominent desire to protect weaker nations from this destructive form of leadership that could ultimately defer trade and spark national tensions. From this fear arose the controversial containment policy, which granted the United States the ability to intervene in foreign nations if it would potentially assuage communist revolutions. The underlying futility of these attempts was exposed as miscalculations of opposing power caused great monetary loss …show more content…

President Truman reflected on the importance of the United Nations and military involvement by stating, “… I believe that it must be the policy of the United States to support free peoples who are resisting attempted subjugation by armed minorities or by outside pressures…” (Document B). However, during this particular time period, America remained one of the only nations actively fighting against communism. Most European countries were subjected to financial duress caused by World War II, thus placing the burden squarely on America’s shoulders. This inexplicable lack of support not only made America relatively weaker, but also allowed communism to spread throughout areas in which they people were not even willing to fight for themselves. The United States was easily taken advantage of in a manner that could have been detrimental if on a wider scale. Containment was labeled as an example of “the bankruptcy of American policy” due to this reason as well as its ineffable consequences (Document A). One seeks support from their allies during taxing times, and not once did the United States receive aid from other nations while fighting merciless battles for people in which they had no previous association. The American people had become neglected as government attention was diverted off of American soil for an unfair amount of time. Overall, other nations’ lack of concern towards increased communism nations implicitly revealed the pointlessness of containing dictatorships in lands where the people possessed no motivation whatsoever to defend

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