How Did The Truman Doctrine Affect The Spread Of Communism

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Due to the aggressive actions taken by the Soviet Union; America introduced the Truman Doctrine. “ The Truman Doctrine was created to help keep Greece and Turkey from falling under the Soviet Union's control ” (McClenaghan 486). This was America's idea and attempt to keep communism in the world from spreading into weaker nations who cannot protect themselves. The Truman Doctrine provided military aid along with economic aid to try and help the small countries keep what was theirs. The more the Soviet Union took over the more communism would spread. Communism played a big part in scaring the people, and that’s what it’s mean intentions were so countries could have more power over the people. “The containment policy actually resulted into the …show more content…

During this time, people were being killed because they do not believe and communism and they were against it, this was known as the red scare.
The containment policy had a huge impact on stopping the spread of communism and will forever be a huge part of American Foreign Policy. When communism to begin to spread there were some cases where a country would be split into sectors. For example, “ The Berlin blockade was when the Soviet union occupied the surrounding territories of Berlin… The Soviet Union occupied East Berlin and the United States, Britain, and France occupied the other three sectors, which would be known as West Berlin” (McClenaghan 486). Eventually, the Soviet Union would build a blockade around East Berlin to keep trade from happening between the east and …show more content…

In the North Korean War, “ The north side of Korea declared war with the southside, due to the fact that they did not want to be communist” ( What Caused The…). Also, the Vietnam war was caused by the northside wanting to take over the southside so Vietnam would be fully communist. These two wars are pretty much exactly alike, One side of the country wanting to become communist and the other side not wanting to be communist. America has made many risky decisions during another countries time and needs. During the first Gulf War there have been situations where the United States was called upon. For example, “Alarmed by actions of Iraq's leader of the time, fellow Arab powers such as Saudi Arabia and Egypt called on the United States and other Western nations to intervene” ( Persian Gulf War). Of course without a doubt America was soon involved with the Gulf War. As for the second Gulf War, The United States and Great Britain invaded Iraq due to Iraq’s government. “ The leader of Iraq’s government had been creating chemical weapons and weapons of mass distraction” (Second Gulf

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