Texas War Problems

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Annexing Texas and declaring war caused more problems for Mexico and America. America should have left Texas to Mexico. It caused many security problems to Mexico and brought the issues of slaves. It also seems as if america was “asking” for a war. Mexico did indeed throw the first punch, but America was taunting them. America brought their troops over to what Mexico thought to be their border. It was hard to tell where the border was. Mexico claimed one thing and America another. Of course a fight broke out. We know that Mexico attacked first, but America came back at them with something worse. President James Polk was pro manifest destiny. That means he believed that G-d wanted the Americans to spread throughout the whole continent. James Polk of course wanted to annex Texas. Doing this caused more problems for Mexico and America. Mexico’s borders were now screwed up and the issue of slaves came up. …show more content…

This gives the congress and senate an equal vote on the issue. Equal amount of people who are for slaves, and an equal amount for those who are not. When Texas was annexed the Mexicans brought slaves into Texas. The American government agreed that Texas would be a slavery free state. You can’t really tell in Mexico was doing this to annoy America, or if they didn’t know it was not allowed. America should NOT have gone to war or annexed Texas. I call it a “pointless war”. The outcome had more cons than pros. Of course Mexico and America were having problems even before the annexation of Texas with where the Mexican-American border was. In document C Mexico calls the war “The American Invasion”. In a way America DID

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