Thai Women Case Study

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Thai women are reputed for their beauty, fiery temper and family loyalties and are everywhere you look.
If you want to find a girlfriend remember a few pointers
They don 't go to beer bars or work in massage parlors and rent themselves out for the night.
You won’t find them hanging out on chat rooms.
They rarely show the skin on their shoulders but bad girls do.
She will be nervous about you meeting her family; a bad girl won 't because you are probably one of many.
A bad girl, will never pay nor even offer to pay, a good Thai girl likes to share.
A good Thai girl will always be accompanied by a friend on your first few dates.
A good Thai girl will not sleep with you on the first or even the second date. In fact a good Thai girl will not sleep with you until she is confident that you
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Foreigners are not allowed to own land in Thailand. If you are interested in buying you have two options:
You could get a 30-year leasehold on the land or purchasing it through a limited company.
You can purchase an apartment or condo. Legal restrictions: Due to the legal restrictions in Thailand, many foreigners seek other ways to buy property.
It is possible for a foreigner to lease land for 30 years. So in many cases a foreign man, if he is married, can purchase land in his Thai wife’s name. In cases like this, the Thai wife forms a lease contact with her husband.
Another way to purchase land is by setting up a Thai Limited Company. However, to do this 51% of the company must be owned by a Thai citizen. With just a little bit of brain power, it is easy to imagine the many dangers and risks in doing this. But hey, the worst that can happen is you either lose your money or have a fatal accident.
Due to these legal restrictions most foreigners simply buy a condo or apartment. However, as mentioned elsewhere in this book, don’t consider this purchase as an investment in the future.
My recommendation is simple, rent do not
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