The Acquisition Of Knowledge In Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

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As you read Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein you may come to realize that the main theme is “acquirement of knowledge”. This theme can be hard to understand because “acquirement” alone means to gain, so putting that with the word “knowledge” means to “ gain knowledge”. You might think “ How can I gain knowledge from Frankenstein?” That not what I am talking about. In the book the monster uses the knowledge from all the people he has encountered. Examples would be; he watches the family and learns from their behavior.He learns from his own behavior,he can make himself feel good if he kills. He comes to realize that people see him as a monster, why not be a monster.
As like the monster kids are turning into to other people around them to get their knowledge. They turn to television, that shows them violence and …show more content…

Sometimes we take things way over the top and do not think about if the knowledge we take in a good thing. We do not think if this knowledge could one day hurt us or someone close to us. For an example, let's say you are about 13 years old, you live with your mom and stepdad, your stepdad is really mean. You overhear him on the phone with another lady he says “ i love you babe “ but you know it's not your mother. If you tell your mom she will be heart broken and your step dad might have revenge on you. This knowledge of this happening puts you in a pickle because either you hurt your mother or you might get hurt yourself.
So much knowledge can be bad for you, take into account that the monster was not raised in a family. The knowledge that he reserves in his eyes it is correct, but in the people's eyes around him it is horrifying and wrong. He was never raised in the eyes of a father or mother, he was never taught right from wrong. The knowledge might have been wrong, but he thought he was doing what was

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