The Adoration Of The Lamb By Jan Van Eyck Analysis

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For Jan Van Eyck’s first post, I used his The Adoration of the Lamb from the Ghent Altarpiece. I used this painting because it is part one of his most famous works. My caption was “Squad’s all here.” I used this because many different people are gathered in one place to celebrate one thing. Squad is a small group of people having a particular task. My hashtags were #rollingwiththesquadornah, #bahh, #secularornah. I used #rollingwiththesquadornah, because it is a well known song by Fetty Wap, who is a rapper. I used #bahh because they are gathered around a lamb. The last hashtag I used is #secularornah because this painting is not secular. Secular is focusing on worldly things, not religious. I tagged the @church, @Fetty Wap, and @Father Mike in my comment. I tagged the church because in the painting there are people from the church as well as a church in the background. I tagged Fetty Wap because my caption and hashtag are from one of his songs. I tagged Father Mike because there are priests in the picture, and he is our priest at Mount Carmel. The next picture I posted as Jan Van Eyck was his Madonna in the Chapel. I used the caption “wayy up, I feel blessed.” I used this caption because it is form a well known song by Big Sean. I also thought it fit with the theme of the picture. My hashtags were #nofilter,…show more content…
My caption for this picture was “Not pregnant, just eatin’ good.” I used this caption because The lady in the picture was not pregnant. She was rich, and rich people get to eat a lot. That is why I used the hashtag #rich. I also used the hashtags #helikeditsoheputaringonit and #relationshipgoals. I used #helikeditsoheputaringonit because the portrait is a wedding. I used #relationshipgoals because that is a common thing to say to a couple. I tagged @mrs.decker, @mrs.okpalobi, and @haddad. I tagged these three teachers because these teachers have all gotten married within the past
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