The American Dream In The Great Gatsby Analysis

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Everybody has an American Dream. For most people, their American Dream is to obtain the most money that they can. Their dream is to be rich and famous. This dream was the same for Jay Gatsby. His dream was to get rich so he could end up with Daisy. However, Gatsby made the mistake of believing that money could buy a woman’s love. This is a main theme in the book because the falsehood of the American Dream often leads to the pain and agony of others or yourself because money cannot buy you happiness.
In The Great Gatsby, the goal of all of the main characters was to be rich. Some were born into rich families, such as Tom. Gatsby was not. He had to work to go from rags to riches. As mentioned before, his American Dream was to be with Daisy. To achieve this dream, he began to work to be rich because he thought this would make her love him. Frederick C. Millett says that, “Gatsby’s dream is tarnished by his material possessions, much like America is now with our obsession with wealth.” Gatsby was so hooked up on trying to gain as many material things that he couldn’t focus on the real meaning of love. His American Dream failed because he was so focused on making as much money as he could that it corrupted his life. The American Dream is never truly going to be reached because no one can have a certain amount of money and be happy with it. There is always a thirst for more. Judd Taylor backs this up by saying, “Americans easily assumed that spiritual satisfaction would
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