The Autobiography Of American Sniper By Chris Kyle

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In his autobiography, American Sniper, Chris Kyle speaks about his training, life, and struggles as a Navy SEAL. Through this book book, readers are able to get an inside look on the true sacrifices and hardships that people who serve our country have to undergo. Specifically, Kyle focuses on his demanding training to become a SEAL, time and missions during his time serving the war in Iraq, and the struggles he faced in becoming a good husband and father when he came home.

His Training in becoming a SEAL required a lot more than physical toughness. It required mental toughness. As a SEAL, he had to do training on land, water, and air. The training Chris struggled the most was land. Kyle tells about a specific time in his training when they were on a sea mission. Chris recalls having heard that at times during sea training, SEALS pretend to be sharks and come from underwater and grab the trainee’s leg. When Chris was underwater doing his training, he felt something grab his leg, so he automatically assume it was a SEAL playing a trick on him. However, when he turns around, he realizes it was a real shark. Towards the end of training “Hell week” occurs. During this week, training becomes very demanding, both physical and mental, and it is said that ninety percent of the trainees quit during this week. …show more content…

By the end of “Hell week” Chris had fractured ribs and a broken toe. Also required of his training was sniper school. Chris had to attend this school to become a sniper. During this training, Chris learns that being a sniper is not just about shooting everyone he sees. He learns about differentiating between shooting someone or not, the correct targets, and how to be most

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