Black Plague Essay

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The Black Plague, a disease many would agree was both one of the most devastating and poignant events to occur in European History. A time of persecution and suffering, many had to endure the effects that the Black Plague brought with it. Amidst the consequences suffered by those carrying the disease, came the ramifications that those who were not directly affected experienced. A few ramifications were self-evident, such as trade, others were concealed within the fear that the population had lost so much already, they could no longer afford to lose anything else, whether that be dignity or pride. The plague caused many to question their religious outlook, the lack of knowledge caused false cures to develop and affected the interactions throughout Europe.
Throughout the Black Plague, the religious standpoint of the population changed, for some, it was a change that came drastically. Throughout the chaos of the plague, many started to question their religious beliefs. Many believed it was a punishment sent down by God directed towards the unfaithful and their wrongdoings. An eruption of religious violence and a period of persecution towards the Jews occurred because they were not Christian. Many believers lost hope after realizing that …show more content…

Father Dragoni responds to the Health Magistracy, telling him that all of his money that had been sent through post, is done being distributed as almsgiving. In this we see someone who has a first-hand look at the medical practices being used to treat those with the pandemic and how much effort is going into curing the victims, and we see him have a lost of faith, not in God, but in humans. He does not believe that humans could save themselves from this, only God could. The cures that those in charge of treatment were using, were not

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