The Black Plague Dbq Essay

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1.)The Black Plague has struck. It is a curse from God for all of us sinners. We must have done something awful to deserve something so horrible. The Black Plague is a sickness that kills you only a few days after you get it. It is spreading through Europe very quickly causing any deaths. It affects all of us adults and children and is completely devastating our country.
2.) It is the year 1338. I hear that it kills whoever it enters and distros hole cities. The people of our city are terrified. trying to find a cure, or a way not to catch it. I hear No one can be in contact with others who are sick because it is so extremely contagious. We must find a cure soon. It is terrifying!
3.) I think the black plague is caused by all of the rats because they are all over …show more content…

It seems to be an incurable disease that is spreading rapidly. It kills people fast in only a few days by causing sores to spread all over their body. There is nothing we can do to help our neighbors we just watch them die about two days after they get the disease.
8.)I hear no one has figured out how to prevent this disastrous disease. It seems to be pretty much incurable. Doctors have tried to help cure it but those who they helped died and then those who help usually get the sickness and also die. It is so contagious they seem to catch it whenever they go near the sick so it is not much help.
9.) The few cures we have included rubbing onions on sores, rubbing cut up snakes on the sores or scrubbing vinegar all over the body. They also have cut open the sores and let the infection run out. Other than that there seems to not be much cure available.
10.) The Black Plague is truly a horrible disease. It wiped out nearly the whole village. The wealthy landowners who used to be able to have cheap labor now have to pay us so much more. The price of livestock also been affected as it drastically

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