Personal Narrative-The Plague

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It keeps getting worse everyday all over the news they are talking about. About three weeks ago a plague broke out. The first week half the world was infected. My father and other scientists have been working hard to find a cure but they found nothing so far. The plague got so out of control they had to make special bases for people who had the infection and the people who did not have it. Then just two days ago a man in another base about four miles four miles from here but he died of the plague before he could make a cure. However, they could not find his journal where he had wrote how to make the cure. That is where I come in just yesterday he told me something that made me shiver. “Son I need to ask a favor,” My dad said coming into my …show more content…

As soon as we where completely inside we seen all the destruction. It looked like someone had come here and burned the place down. Some buildings were had fallen all the way to the ground and were still letting off almost looks like it had happened just a couple of days ago. Will pulled out the map from his pockets and unfolded it. “We need to find building A4 if it has not burned down yet,” Will instructed staring We walked down the rows of burned buildings until we seen building A4. The building was burned badly but it did not collapse. We walked inside the burnt building covering our nostrils to try to prevent to smell the Burt. We looked at the map a second time, it floor 1 room 24. We ran down the hallway into we got to room 24. Once we got to the door we opened it and went inside looking back at the map it said the cheek the back of the lab coats. “What does that mean?” Will asked. before I could gave an answer a man appeared from a closet in the back of the room. “Your looking for this I presume?” The man said holding up a book with one hand and his other hand in is

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