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Sydney Leanhart Dr. Wong Ecology 2 September 2016 Dear Governor, The Yosemite Plague is a disease which has been present in Central California for many years. This disease normally does not draw much attention or concern because the risk of a human catching it is very minimal. However, there has been a very large increase of cases where people have contracted this plague over the last two months. Whereas this plague normally only affects five people or so a year. It is not very common for humans to contract this plague, but every so often it happens. The problem is this disease has been contracted much than usual during these past few months. In the past two months twelve people have contracted this disease, which is more the yearly average. …show more content…

This plague is bacterial, which means that it is easily treated with antibiotics. The key to being able to survive this plague is being able to recognize the symptoms early on, so you can get treated. If any person were to experience any symptoms of this disease, they should immediately seek treatment. If anyone starts to see signs of this disease after they visit the Yosemite National Park, I urge that they seek medical treatment immediately. Many of the symptoms related to this disease are chills, nausea, fever, swollen lymph nodes, headaches and weakness. However, different strains of this plague can produce a variety of symptoms. Anyone who visits Yosemite National Park should be on the lookout for these symptoms for a few weeks after visiting. If this plague is not treated immediately, it can be fatal. Through much scientific research, a bacteria called Yersinia Pestis was discovered. This bacteria is spread by both animals and insects. This specific bacteria attacks the lymph system causing the infection to spread throughout the body. The reservoirs of this bacteria and disease are mice, rats, squirrels and other small animals. A reservoir is a host of an infection. The vector, meaning carrier, is insects such as fleas and …show more content…

With the CDC there the number of people contracting the plaque should go down. The CDC should find ways to eliminate the plaque, while leaving the park open for guests. They should also so research on which insecticides work best to eliminate the plaque and the insects causing it. Many steps need to be taken to raise awareness of the plaque. The Yosemite National Park should air commercials informing the public about the plaque. These commercials should include information such as the symptoms of the plaque, what to do if you contract the plaque and the risk of the plaque on human lives. I hope you agree with the statements I have made about the plaque and how it should be handled. I hope that you approve the course of action that I have provided for you. Feel free to contact me anytime with any questions or concerns relating to the above. An action plan needs to be implicated immediately to ensure the safety of the public. It left unacted upon many people will remain unaware of the problem and many people will continue to be infected. Respectfully Submitted, Sydney

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