Americapox Plague In The New World Essay

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There was an assent of plague in the new world to spread out to the old world; this is the argument regarding the lack of an Americapox plague. The author of the video bases is argument on the fact that people of the new world just have regular diseases since Europeans did not contract any plague. He explains that plague spread and kills quickly; it is evident that if Europeans contract the virus, many of them would either die or survive. Those that could get to survive would spread the plague through Europe. Bottom line Europeans did not get sick due to the lack of plague in the new world.

Geography and domestic animal play a major role to the development of any plague. In places where there are a lot of cities plagues spread quickly since population increase as babies are born causing a cycle that makes plagues almost impossible to extinguish. Cities tend to growth domestics animals which is the reason why plagues emerge in the first place. In colonial cities people used to growth and frequently being in contact with cows, pigs, birds, etc. The contact with these animals and the lack of sanitation caused that humans contracted these deathly virus from them. This shows us that it is almost impossible that Europeans could contract any plague from the people of the new world because they did not have any domestic animals. The animals lived in the new world were either to fast or to wild to domesticate. …show more content…

Moreover, those Europeans that could survive the Americapox would spread the virus through the whole Europe in their way back. This could be a reason for not tray to conquer the new

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