The Black Veil Literary Analysis

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Throughout the whole story, many can be picked in the parable that has characteristics to a typical dark romanticism. The characteristics show on the Black Veil in the style that is unique to Gothic literature and other elements. The Black Veil is known as the secret sin of Mr. Hooper, many want to know what it is but Mr. Hooper keeps it to himself. This shows the characteristic known for his mysterious face that is covered by the black veil which translates on the mystery and suspense. This is a typical characteristic of the black veil being fearful and interesting to know about. Additionally, the character Mr. Hooper is mysterious and different which translates the dark romanticism pattern. He very different than the others in the short…show more content…
The realization of not reflecting your own sins but to others and how this is very related to numerous of people. The theme is that everyone has a secret sin which means that everyone wears a black veil to hide but reflect others. It's the sorrow and what hides behind the veil. The theme really does reach out and try and symbolize to something realistic and get others to understand the theme. The theme is to help others focus on your own mistakes or guilty lies instead of trying to blame others for their sins and lies or not worrying about what someone's sins are hidden in their black…show more content…
Hooper. The black veil presented as the way many hides their sins and their darkest secrets from others, especially from their closest people. This really shows when the fiancé, Elizabeth, tried and get Mr. Hooper to remove the veil, which translates to her trying and get Mr. Hooper to tell the dark secret. It is more seen as a shield to not allow others to see the darkest sin that hides under the black veil. Moreover, the face of Mr. Hooper is what is being hidden by the veil which shows that he hides the dearest with the lies. Many have the same situation and hide their own sins with a black veil that everyone has. More importantly, the story comes with a certain pattern that makes the story a dark romanticism. It is the format of the characters that make a pattern to give the typical romanticism vibe. Each character has its own unique elements that affect the story to have a typical romanticism feeling. Mr. Hooper takes the fear and mystery element as to help give the romanticism element. The other people that are also known as the Puritans have the feature to reflect as to everyone in real life and to be realistic to those that are always curious to know others
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