The Butler Movie Diversity

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When I was reading about this assignment I was excited to read that I got to watch a movie, but I didn’t know what movie to choose. I decided to Google movies about diversity. I came up with a few titles and then watched the trailers of them to help me decide which one I wanted to watch. I chose to watch The Butler. The movie is about a black man named Cecil who was trying to make a better life for himself. After, he loses his father from getting shot by a white man and his mother who is crazy in the head. Cecil gets taken in by an elderly lady that lives near the cotton fields and teaches him how to serve. Cecil decides that it is time to move on to better his life. As he got older he realized that he had to go or he would get killed like …show more content…

After high school Lewis left to go to school in Tennessee. Cecil tried to get him to change his mind, but it didn’t work. Lewis and some friends when to a restaurant and wanted to be served in the white section of the restaurant. The staff refused to serve them and they refused to leave. Other whites that were in the restaurant were spitting at them and calling them niggers. All of them were then arrested. Lewis is fighting for the rights of other blacks during the Civil Rights Movement. Lewis was even the leader on one of the freedom buses. This particular bus was burned after a group of white people broke out all the windows. Lewis knew what he wanted in life and when after it. In the end he came back to take care of his mom and dad when they couldn’t do it on their own. Cecil welcoming Lewis back into his life was very neat to see. Throughout this movie I learned that segregation is something that many people think too place in the past. What they don’t realize is that it still happens today not as bad as it once did, but it still does happen. Diversity helps us to see what is all around us and that we are all unique people and that we need to respect

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