The Case Of Ernesto Miranda

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A man by the name of Ernesto Miranda was taken to custody in 1963 for kidnapping and rape. Then was sentenced 20-30 years in jail. He was interrogated for two hours by two police men, every individual should have their own rights to ask and answer questions unless told to Mirandize by a police man or the judge. Ernesto was being asked questions during the interrogation and the thing you’re supposed to do when they ask you questions is answer the questions, so Ernesto should have the right to talk during the interrogation. Ernesto didn’t know he should have a lawyer present during court when they discussed about his case of kidnapping and rape. He confessed he committed rape and kidnapping during his year in LA, the victim was 17 years old by that time she got kidnapped by Ernesto. …show more content…

She recognized the plate number and the designs on his car. Ernesto was taken to custody, because of what he did he was sent to court but he didn’t have lawyer present in court, he wasn’t told he should have a lawyer present during court so he was in a bigger situation than he ever was, he had to go through jury. He was always interviewed by the police men so they could get more evidence of his crime. This case happened in 1966 when he was arrested in his home and taken to court for his hearing. They didn’t give him the right say his confession in court they forced him to say it. Ernesto appeared at the U.S Supreme Court, he then heard the recorded tape of his confessions Then decided to make a complaint about his rights to the judge at the supreme court. Ernesto was angry of how they treated him in the court, he said that every man or woman should have equal rights. Everything Ernesto said in his confessions were used against him during

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