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Throughout the 20th century, our views of space have changed. We started thinking about space, with the same way we started thinking about Pythagoras’s theory of how the world is round. Curiosity and rivalry have ignited the space race, but rivalry between United States and Soviet Union has boosted the development of the space race. The Cold War was ongoing so neither of country wanted to lose to each other. Also, this race determined which country was more advanced compared to another. With their passion, humans have achieved many accomplishments within 18 years and it is still being explored. Major accomplishments such as orbiting the Earth and landing on the moon were not easy as how our textbooks were written. Our textbooks briefly talk about it, but not so detailed. This paper will discuss the cause and effect, process, major space expedition made by both countries, and similarities they share. One …show more content…

Humans are always interested in exploring unknown, new worlds, boundaries of scientific and technical areas, and further more (Wiles). Our desire to explore and discover new things have provided benefits to our civilizations. For example, Columbus and many explorers in Age of Exploration, a period from the early 15th century to early 17th century (Sheppard), proved Aristotle’s theory that our world is round with his explorations. Also, Columbus found new continent, America. This proves that our interest could be another cause of space exploration. Space exploration have brought many benefits to our society. It helped answered “questions about our place in the Universe and history of our solar system” (Wiles). Explorations that we made also made us wonder about the Universe that we did not explore. The challenges we faced in space exploration, such as Moon Landing and sending probes to our solar system became an expansion of our technology, knowledge, and connections among

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