Cabeza De Vaca Dbq

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A journey to remember. Five Spanish ships left the port of Seville in 1527 with 300 people going out to uncharted land called “The New World” and who knew only 4 people would come back. The leader of the entire expedition named Panfilo de Narvaez had dreamed of building settlements on the coast of the Gulf of Mexico. Cabeza de Vaca a military veteran was serving as the treasurer in this expedition. How did he survive? Cabeza de Vaca survived because of his sharp survival skills and because of his success as a healer which lead to his respect for the indians and caused the indians to respect him. Cabeza De Vaca survived because of his wilderness skills and his knowledge of the world moving around him. Cabeza used hollowed out horse legs …show more content…

“He once did a surgical operation on a man who got shot with an arrow in the shoulder, with the tip made its way to his heart. Cabeza cut open the man's chest and removed the arrow, then he added stitches using deer bones. Two days later, he came back and he removed the stitches and the man was healed.”(Document C) His medical skills saved the life of the man and it caused him to gain a reputation among the indians. Cabeza De Vaca survived because of his respect for the indians. “Cabeza De Vaca had suffered many disputes. For example, the spaniards who were looking to enslave indians ,and Cabeza was not on good terms with the spaniards because he wanted help the indians, but the spaniards told the indians he wanted to do the complete opposite.”(Document D) This shows the Cabeza De Vaca wanted to stay on good terms with the indians ,but the Spaniards were trying to convince the indians that he wanted to do them harm. Cabeza De Vaca survived with his survival skills, success as a healer, and his respect for the indians. His survival was noble because of the length of the journey and what he had to face. My opinion is that the entire expedition should of been planned out more thoroughly to prevent it from going wrong like it did. Right now mankind is exploring new territory in the amazon rainforest and outer

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