Sagan Brave New World Chapter 6 Summary

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1. In this chapter I learned that from ancient times people longed to discover other worlds.
2. The author has knowledge on different religions and their doctrines about the creation.
3. Sagan compares the Bible with the Jewish Talmud and discovered that the book of Genesis left out a story in which God tells Adam and Eve that the universe was intentionally left unfinished.
4. If life exist elsewhere in the universe there is a possibility that they’re not interested in exploring our world.
5. This chapter make me wonder who will be the people who would like to live in other planet.
6. Living on other planets can be our escape from the things of this world that are destroying us.
7. In this chapter Sagan makes me wonder if going to other plants would be someday possible.
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Sagan sounds to be very convinced of why we should go to live in other planets.
9. Scientific and technological advances are of great importance to the discovery of other worlds in which we could live.
10. Going to live to other planets would be a great opportunity to start our lives again, change our past, and fix our mistakes.
In the last chapter from Pale Blue Dot, I learned that from ancient times people longed to discover other worlds. Sagan makes a reference to the story of the Tower of Babel in the Bible to explain that from ancient times we were wanting to reach the unattainable, we were wanting to reach the sky and discover its other side. However the Bible teaches us why the tower of Babel was built. The descendants of Noah built the Tower of Babel as a monument to their own greatness and self-sufficient. The tower was a symbol of their self-sufficiency, ego, and sin against God.
1. Why would God need us to finish the creation of the universe?
2. Will it be possible for us to live away from the sun and the

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