The Causes Of The Space Race

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The Space Race was a crucial part in the advancement of technology. The United States of America and the Soviet Union were in a competition to get the first man in space. In 1957, a new era of space exploration had launched, this was known as the Space Race. The Space Race fueled the tension between the Soviet Union and the United States. Both countries were competing to get the first person onto the moon.
The Cold War had been raging on between the United States of America and the Soviet Union before the Space Race. There was political and militaristic tension between the communist Soviets and capitalist United States. The Iron Curtain began to develop in Europe, and caused the separation of capitalist
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Sputnik 1 was a small 2.4-2.9 meter long satellite that had long antennae sent into space by the Soviet Union. Sputnik 1 was used by being sent radio signals to pinpoint locations on Earth from space (“Sputnik: The Space). This the United States of America was in distress when this happened. Sputnik 1 powered up the United States of America to try to be better than the Soviet Union for each world power wanted to be more powerful than the other. The Soviet Union soonly after Sputnik 1 launched Sputnik 2 was set for space. Sputnik 2 was sent into space with the first living organism. Sputnik 2 carries Laika a female dog, Laika was given enough room to lie down and had a bag to collect waste. Laika provided Soviet Union scientists with the first data on a living organism in space. Laika was predicted to die when the oxygen went out roughly ten to nine days but died from thermal problems in one to two days (Williams). Closely after to the launch of Sputnik 2 the United States of America launched Explorer 1. Explorer 1 was the United States of America's first satellite in space. This race to see who had better technology this shows how the tension to see who is better either The United States of America or the Soviet Union. This tension is rising to lead up to be…show more content…
The International Space Station, or ISS was built in 1998, sixten countries were involved in the project. The ISS benefits Earth greatly in many different ways. The ISS helps monitor water quality, air quality, and natural disasters (“15 Ways). The space race helped modern day space technology because space research would have not been a big priority if the space race did not take place. This would have led to space technology not being as keen as it is to this
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