The Chameleon Effect Analysis

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26 American soldiers were charged
Lt. William Calley Jr. was found guilty of killing 22 villagers
He was given a life sentence but only served 3½ years under house arrest
United States is a racist country and white people’s lives are more valuable [that is why Calley has put under house arrest]

Video: Back to My Lai
Thomson was prepared to prevent Am soldiers from killing the Vietnamese
Am soldiers burn down the huts of local villagers
The soldiers were up late taking drugs and drinking alcohol and that’s why they were easily influenced to kill the villagers
The massacre lasted for 4 hours
One woman survived the massacre because she hid under the bodies of dead villagers
Human beings are susceptible to the power of the situation
Why did the men in the helicopter not conform to …show more content…

Conformity and Suicide
Werther Effect
Yukiko Syndrome (happened to a girl in Japan named Yukiko)
Copycat suicides after famous person dies

Conformity and Taking
The Chameleon Effect
If you behave like the person you are talking with, they will like you more.
Human being are incredibly obedient and natural conformists

Stanley Milgram’s Obedience Experiment
Would a “good person murder another person on the orders of an authority figure?”
65% of the people in this experiment murdered an innocent person
All the people who went into the experiment were normal, average, American people who thought they were “good” people
Independent Variable
Authority Figure (E)
Dependent Variable
Obedience of Teacher (T)

Obedience: The Iraq War
Why did the American people go to war against the people of Iraq?
Student Responses:
Government said to
Iraq had weapons of mass destruction
President told them to

Video: Curveball

Curveball was a man really named Rafid Ahmed Alwan

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