The Change In Ovid's Metamorphosis

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As we all know, metamorphosis is a very tricky formation to understand when it comes to life and how it works for insects or even as of today, other mammals. Metamorphosis is nature’s most powerful phenomenon. It is to change form from one being to a whole different type of creature. Many generations of writers and artists are drawn to this type of transformation. There subject was in to how and why this subject of change happens to these creatures and the matter of this change. One example was a Roman poet named Ovid. Two thousand years ago, Ovid wrote a retelling tale from the Romans and the Greeks about how a women changed to a tree and a man changing into a werewolf. The title of the book was called Metamorphoses. Years later, researchers …show more content…

How does metamorphosis happen? When a butterfly is in a caterpillar stage, the caterpillar forms a chrysalis. The chrysalis grows inside of the caterpillar while the body is in the process of molting. Afterwards, the caterpillar has a juvenile hormone that has to leave from the body so that the formation of the butterfly can be made. The juvenile hormone cannot stay within this formation due to the fact that it was only there during the caterpillar stage. During the process of the insect being in the chrysalis stage, all the organs and exoskeletal formation are being changed. Towards the end of the process, a butterfly is formed. Through all of the changes that the species has to go through, it is still the same species because it still has the same genetic code. Although, there are other creatures that goes through metamorphosis that we could not even imagine. The first metamorphosis that was involved started in the ocean. They are called the sea urchins. During the process of change, the juvenile takes over the body of the larva host. Later, it eats it. Researchers also found out that during the process of the change, we are cousins of the sea urchins. Afterwards, the larva is to swim deep in to the bottom of the ocean and start more of the formation metamorphosis. Other fish could do this amazing change as

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