The Metamorphosis: The Negative Effects Of Change

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“When the wind blows, some build walls while others build windmills.” This quote was incorporated to demonstrate the different emotions and reactions people have towards change. Change can be both negative and positive and while some people embrace it, others are frightened by it. In collection 3, it can be inferred that many of the stories such as, The Metamorphosis, Life After People, The Starry Night, and The Lord of the Flies, show how change can negatively affect someone 's life, a groups lives, or in extreme cases, the world. The short story, The Metamorphosis, written by Franz Kafka, shows a negative change that has taken place in the main characters life. When he is transformed into a vermin overnight, it is clear he is not excited or happy. Gregor says, “What’s happened to me, it wasn’t a dream?” It’s evident he doesn’t want to believe he’s been turned into a bug and wishes that it had only been a dream instead of reality. Later on in the story, when his mother asks him what is wrong, he lies and tells her he doesn’t feel well. He’s ashamed of what he’s become and does not want her to find out what has happened to him. At the end of the …show more content…

As shown in the documentary, Rivers and Tides, change does not always have a negative outcome. In the documentary the artist builds sculptures in many different environments and they’re always made out of things only found in nature. After he builds the sculptures the surrounding environment begins to change. When he built a cone like structure at the edge of the shore, the tide came in and the structure could not be seen. When he built a structure in the forest, it became engulfed by the growing vegetation around it. While these changes could have been viewed as negative, the artist chose to see them as beautiful. He chooses everyday to believe that what nature does to his sculptures not only makes them remarkable, but completes the

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