Analysis Of Franz Kafka's The Metamorphosis

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In Franz Kafka’s novella “The Metamorphosis”, Gregor Samsa is a travelling salesman who has been turned into a “monstrous vermin” overnight. The story follows the events that happen after this transformation, such as how the different family members treat Gregor. At the end of the book Gregor dies, and the novella concludes with the family future plans after Gregor’s death. After reading the novella, I think that looking at the ending of of the novella, the readers are definitely left with a sense of hope because the future prospects of the family are very promising, and the family also has a clear future for their daughter.
To begin, when the family discusses about their future, it can be seen that there is hope for a chance in receiving stable income and gaining they peaceful life they once had again. On the tram to the city after the death of Gregor, the family starts to realise their actual economic situation. On page 44, it explicitly says, “they discussed their prospects and found that on close examination they were not at all bad...all three had jobs which were very good and held particularly good promise for the future.” The family also talks about how “[t]he greatest improvement for the time being, of course, would be achieved quite easily by moving house” to a smaller one. Until then, the family that been depressed and thought that there was no hope in their future because they thought they were incompetent by themselves of earning money. This was why they seemed

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