Essay On Things Fall Apart And The Poisonwood Bible

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Our surroundings play an immense role on who we are and how we function. A person from a rural area may be more relaxed or calm than someone from a big city that tackles many errands a day. Not only can geography affect you, but culture and physical traits can affect who you are as well. We will be going in depth about the effects of each factor and how they help shape the characters in Things Fall Apart and The Poisonwood Bible. Okonkwo is very much affected by all three of the factors listed above. One of the main factors is his past. Okonkwo 's motivation to be a better man than his dad is what truly shapes him to be who he really is. Okonkwo has a love for his village like the love they have for him. But out of fear that he would be like his father, he started becoming very irresponsible and did things without thinking. He was feared by many and loved by many as well which made him become a very respected member in his tribe. Eventually he could not stand watching his village change its morals and become modernized so he took his own life. His eagerness to stay original and fear of change become his own demise. If it were not for Umuofia 's geography, I believe that this story …show more content…

Not only does she not have the same things she had back at home, but her appearance is what really sets her back from life in the Congo. Rachel is very white with long blonde hair that sets her apart from anyone else even in America. Her looks cause her to be singled out in the congo and even get bullied as people would tug on her hair to see if it was even real. Apart from looking different than everyone else, Rachel is very arrogant and self centered. This causes her life and her family 's life to become harder as they all must work together to survive in a place like the Congo. In the end, she uses her looks to marry many men that she believes will take care of her but she just ends up feeling more

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