The Poisonwood Bible Analysis

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“How did this curse come to me when it’s God’s own will to cultivate the soil.”(placeholder) As a mother orleanna price is a protective caring mother that loses everything to keep a unhappy marriage aflot. Orleanna price is a prime example of this child like point of view. As a american house mother in georgia she sees the point of view of the americans and her family, but when nathan her husband forces her family to go to the Congo as a Christian mission trip. As a family most were reluctant in adventuring off from their safe haven in georgia. In The poisonwood bible by Barbara Kingsolver, the price family is taken to the congo and swung into a series of unfortunate events by the husband Nathan price in hopes of saving the congo through christ, but this also comes with many sacrifices and in time become horrific and unnerving, but an experience to learn from. Every character sacrifices something as their trip to the congo continues some minor like a piggly wiggly, working kitchen,and Martha Stewart baked goods but, some more major such as their life, morals, and their view on religion and politics. Orleanna price is a proud, strong, and hard working mother trying to keep her family together but not afraid to tell how she feels.”You can curse the dead or pray for them, but don 't expect them to do a thing for you. They 're far too interested in watching us, to see what in heaven 's name we will do next.” (4.Prologue.24) The Poisonwood Bible has many biblical references the

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