The Chrysalids Reflection

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The Chrysalids Essay
The Chrysalids is a book filled with different perspective of how Waknukians view their society. John Wyndham has shown how man treats his own kind in the most realistic way. John Wyndham examined numerous actions of our loathsome, commonly seen human nature. Their behaviours were unveiled towards those differences with intolerance, prejudice, ignorance, and discrimination. Similarly, it is the reflection of the world we are living in today. The novel examines the distress, and behaviours of our society in the past, present, and possibly an unpredictable future due to our current actions.
Before the story begins, their society was originated after a cold nuclear war where it wiped out most of the human population. “ the
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Ordinarily, any difference from this definition was an abomination or a blasphemy to God. Since the Bible and Nicholas’s Repentances are the only books who outlived the war, the Waknukians tend to follow every rule and judgement that was being set in these books hundred years ago. David Strorm- the main character in this novel soon learned the unpleasant reality of Waknuk and how the people discriminate against the deviants. Sophie Wender was an ordinary girl yet was born with a pair of six peculiar toes. David was able to realised the cruelty that was blooming in his society through Sophie, who was later sterilized and sent into the Fringes with her family. Similarly, nowadays people will cast out others that differed from them and their cliques. By comparing different pasts and actions, both lifestyles and behaviours were shown with similarities and differences due to two distinct time periods. Throughout the views and perspectives of the Waknukians, their nature and way of life parallels with our present society . There is a certain amount of prejudice, ignorance, and discrimination in today’s world. Throughout The Chrysalids, the Waknukians are prejudiced against anyone who does not fit in “The True Image of God”, and constantly discriminating against those who look or act
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