The Civil Rights Movement: How Rosa Parks Changed The World

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The Civil Rights Movement changed the world. There were many individuals that sacrificed many things for this time era, and still till this day. Rosa Parks help changed the way blacks were treated in the 1950’s. Although she was not the first person to refuse to give up her seat, she was the first one to be arrested for it and convicted guilty ( The first girl that refused her seat was Claudette Colvin. She was dragged off the bus and taken to jail, to be convicted of disorderly conduct, violating the segregation ordinance and assault and battery. She had tried to hurt the police officers that tried to take her to jail, and clawed them with her nails ( She was 15 at the time, so it was seen as a teenager not listening. …show more content…

She had gotten on a bus (shared by blacks and whites) and sat at the back row of the white’s seats ( Everyone was perfectly okay with her sitting there, until a group of whites stepped onto the bus. The group of people all sat down but 1. Rosa was asked by the bus driver ( to stand up and let the white male have her seat. She refused unlike the 3 other black’s that had stood up for him. Rosa was then arrested on December 1st, 1955 ( She was found guilty with refusing to obey orders of bus driver.

This is where the civil rights movement was alerted about the event. They then agreed with what she had done. They then refused to ride the buses, as a sign of standing up for Rosa Parks ( Blacks did not ride any buses for over a year. During that year, Rosa Parks had lost her job ( She was then harassed after paying her bail of $14. The harassment was so terrible, that she had to relocate. Herself, her husband, and mother had decided to move to Detroit, Michigan ( They moved close to Rosa’s

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