The Columbian Exchange Chapter Summaries

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This book sounds extremely good. I cannot imagine what these thirty-three men went through in those seventeen days. So many things happened in those days. This author sounds like he did as much as he could to portray how and what happened in the mine. There were so many stories he told that were very moving. For example, the man that stepped up and basically became a preacher for those in the mine was very inspiring. When this man did this, in a way it gave these men hope and joy. Also, when he talked about how the men were starving for days and found a system that worked to keep their hunger under control. These stories of what happened in the mine is priceless. Some sources say that the mine they were working in was not proven to be safe,…show more content…
If their bosses told them to work down there then they did not really stand a chance. It was their job to work in these mines. Mr. Tobar stated that when these men were getting interviewed by television shows, magazines, and more that the questions they asked almost made no sense. They did not ask about how they found food or how they managed to even make it out. These reporters asked unnecessary questions about having sex in the mine and the thoughts of eating each other, and these questions had little to do with the tragedy these men had gone through. Mr. Tobar stated that these men all had different stories to tell and he enjoyed talking to each and every one of them. He shared a story about one man who was upset when the accident happened because when he was little his father had died and he never go the chance to know him, and now that he was stuck in this mine and his wife was pregnant, he thought his son was going to grow up the same way he did; without a father. Every one of these men had a different story to tell and he loved every bit of being able to listen to them share their
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